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3D & 4D Ultrasound Testimonials
What others say about Triangle Imaging 3D/4D Ultrasound!

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We had a fantastic experience here. I scheduled our 3D/4D as a surprise to my husband. We were keeping the gender a surprise, and the tech offered to take a pic of the 'goods' and put in a sealed envelope so we'd have a fun memento for our future scrapbook - she was so friendly and nice. She even went over our time by a few minutes, we were having so much fun. Totally worth the money!
Marie, Chapel Hill, NC

Our experience at Triangle Imaging Center was amazing! We had a chance to see our lil man and I'm only 22 weeks,but the ultrasound pictures was the best I've ever had and even though he was so stubborn and wouldn't let us get a good picture of his face Kim was wonderful and very patient. I think she is a very nice person and loves what she do therefore it made our visit a comfortable and pleasant one. We will definitely be back in 10 weeks for another ultrasound! See you then Kim!
Shahedee S. – Raleigh, NC

We have been here two times. The first time I was 16 weeks and we went to find out the gender. They correctly told us that we were having a boy which was confirmed at 18 and 24 weeks by my doctor. We went again at 26 weeks and got amazing pictures of our son. Even at 26 weeks we got a very good idea of what he looks like! The office is clean and comfortable and we loved that there were multiple screens. It made it easy to see our little man no matter where we were sitting/standing. The first time we brought a friend and she was amazed. We also found out that this was more affordable than other 3D/4D sonogram places in our area which has allowed us to get multiple sonograms during this pregnancy. Kim and Josh are nice and Kim gets great shots of the little ones. Another plus is the bed that you lay on is really comfortable! :) There is really nothing bad about this place, the entire experience was wonderful and I will and have recommended it to any and everyone in the area who is expecting and wanted a 3D/4D. We look forward to going back to this office for future pregnancies as well!
Penny & Mike F.  - Jacksonville, NC

 This was AMAZING! I had my ultrasound done on May 4th 2010, and got an awesome view of my precious baby! I delivered on July 12th 2010, and I have to say, she looks just like the photos! I'm so happy I went through with this! It is not only reassuring, as a mother questioning every little thing that is going on with baby in the womb, but it is also a very heartwarming experience! I would recommend this to EVERY mother!
Samantha M.  – Holly Springs, NC

My husband and I were very pleased! We had our ultrasound done today (26 Weeks 5 Days)! I can't wait until he is born so we can do the comparison. :) I loved the quality of service and the friendly staff! Thank you for making our first pregnancy very special!
Tiffany M.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience!! You went above and beyond to welcome our family, and include my husband in the process as we live streamed my ultrasound to him in Iraq for free and you gave us free copies of my picture CD and DVD to send to him! He told me that there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t look at our baby. I’ve seen pictures from my friend’s scans who went other places in our area, and ours is by far much more clear, and we have a lot more pictures. My midwife at Womack was right when she told me to go to the professionals! I’ll send you pictures when Matthew gets here!
Christina Y – Fort Bragg, NC

We were blown away with seeing my baby in 4D! She was moving around, sucking her fingers, holding her cord, and we could see every bit of it. It was really cool to see her move when I was feeling her and now I know what’s going on when she’s moving around. I really liked the big screen, but Uncle Todd liked it even better because he forgot his glasses! Thanks for putting up with my wild and crazy family, they loved the ultrasound and we think Kim is the best! Daddy’s deployment will be over soon, so if he makes it home in time, we might be back!!
Carmen A – Goldsboro NC

Ultrasounds have changed quite a bit since my mom had me, and she was amazed at how much we could see. It’s tough being so far away from your family during your pregnancy and having your husband deployed, but you guys brought all of us together to share the same moment during my ultrasound. Thank you for giving my husband the links to watch it, he watches it all the time. When we skype we talk we can watch it together and talk about it, and it’s almost like having him hear with me! Thank for the juice and candy and taking the time to get my baby moving for awesome pictures!
Joy W. – Fayetteville NC

My family have wonderful experience finding I was having a baby boy at your office. We loved all of our pictures and video to watch at home and share with everyone. You have a very nice office and treat people very special. I also liked having Spanish baby magazine and other items in my gift bag with breastfeeding package. You are the first place to give us Spanish information and we will use it to help us take care of our baby. Thank you very much for your services.
Karol and Jose R. – Raleigh NC

I got my 3D/4D ultrasound done here and they did an awesome job! The pictures were amazing and the atmosphere was as well. I used my CD of the whole ultrasound and played it on the TV at my baby shower...such a cute idea, like 4 of my friends have done it!
Proud Triangle Imaging Center Customer,
Kristina M. -  Lillington, NC

Triangle Imaging is the place to go and get your ultrasounds done. The staff is so nice and they make you feel right at home. Mrs. Kim took her time and got some awesome images of McKenzie. They give you so much for your money. Overall it was perfect.  I would recommend them to anyone.
Tia W. - Cary NC

We were referred to you by Mrs. W. at Womack when we asked where to go for our 4D ultrasound. What an amazing experience to see how much our baby had grown and changed since we last saw him. The sonostream experience allowed my husband to see everything that I saw and hear our reactions to seeing our baby. Thank you so much for making this opportunity available to us and for giving me the CD and DVD to send to my husband in Iraq. Pictures to come!
Mary B and Nana – Fayetteville NC

We loved our experience. It was so awesome to see our triplets and watch them move around and beat each other up! Thanks Kim for the great pictures and video!
Gretchen W. - Sanford, NC

We had a US done on 7-1-09 and 7-17-09. It was the most amazing experience. The first one she was breech, so we got to come back for another one and she was face down in the right way so we got a really good look at her and chubby cheeks. We most definitely will come back for our next baby.  I will post after pictures when she gets here, 43 more days can’t wait!
Tamara M. - Apex NC

We want to thank you for sponsoring our non-profit organization, Triangle Mommies. Your donation made one of our fellow mommies quite happy! Our online community would be nothing without the support of our local businesses. We truly appreciate your generosity and look forward to working with you in the future.
Thank you,
Donna C, sponsorship Co-manager, Triangle Mommies   www.trianglemomies.com

Thank you so much for making our whole experience wonderful. We really appreciate the effort in helping with the Valentine Day flowers, it was so special! Thank you for taking the time in trying to assist my mom in viewing the ultrasound online. The DVD and pictures are now overseas with my husband and I am sure he looks at them every day. The DVD was shown at our baby shower in Ohio as well! Thanks for everything, it does not go un-noticed!
James and Christina G – Fayetteville NC

To All, We wanted to thank you for the prompt attention you gave to us in order for my husband to be able to attend our ultrasound. It truly meant a lot to us that you rescheduled. We enjoyed seeing our baby and thought your office was very warm and inviting. We have not been able to stop talking about how great the experience was and how great all of you were! Keep up the good work!
Tim & Lisa S. – Wendell NC

I just wanted to tell you guys how great you are! I loved the experience of the 3d/4d ultrasound and I tell everyone I know how great it was and I encourage them to drive from Fayetteville to Cary just to come there. My husband is in the military and I have told many military spouses about the services you offer so their husbands can be involved in their pregnancies while deployed. The DVD's that you offer and streaming videos are awesome! I hope that will give you lots of customers! You guys were very nice to me when I was there and even let me come back for another session when my baby wouldn't let us take his picture! I even came back a third time and paid to see him again because it was such an enjoyable and memorable experience and I just wanted you to know that I appreciated it. You also told me that my baby was going to be a big boy and you were right! His name is Mark Gardner born 10/14/08 9 lbs 2 oz 21.5 inches. You asked if I would send a picture to you when he was born and I have attached it to this email. You are the best! :)
Thanks again!
Shaunda G.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for reminding us that pregnancy should be a joyful and exciting time. While you know our story very well, I hope you will find a place for it on your website because I know there are other parents out there who are just like us and will benefit from our experience with you.

Since our 20 week ultrasound, the only memories we’ve had of our ultrasounds have been of fear and dread. Our first ultrasound started with a friendly and chatty technician who quickly became very solemn and quiet as she scanned our baby. The next 45 minutes lasted an eternity as she continued to work, while two more doctors came in to look at our baby. Finally we were told, “Your baby has a problem with his heart and we need to send you to a specialist for more information”. I will never forget that moment. We have seen doctors from Fayetteville to specialist at Duke in Durham. We were told one side of his heart is undeveloped and not working. He would require surgery in the first 3 days of life, and need two more after that just to live. Not to be cured, just to live.

Every ultrasound brings us fear and dread. Sharing this with one of our clinicians, she asked me if we’ve ever thought about having a 3D/4D ultrasound. My heart pounded as I asked her what this would tell us. She said not to look at my baby’s heart, just to see him as he is now. She told me about Triangle Imaging and that the lady who owns it used to work with mothers and babies with heart defects so she understood what we were going through. We wrestled with the thought, visited your website, and quickly decided to come.

The rest is history. Kim was incredible as she introduced us to our little boy. To say the scan was amazing would be an insult. My baby who I envisioned as so fragile and broken was stretching, kicking, rubbing his eyes, sucking his thumb and smiling! He is a beautiful baby boy who does all the things that other babies do. He’s not a heart defect, he’s not a statistic, he‘s our happy and playful son! I felt like the burden of the world had been lifted from my heart. My husband and I have bonded with our son, instead of being afraid to enjoy him because we might lose him. For the first time, instead of avoiding family and friends, we couldn’t wait to share our baby with them! I became sad and tearful as I told Kim I wanted to keep him safe and happy inside me forever. She took me to the bulletin board in her office and showed me two children who had the same problem as my son. She didn’t have to say a word. One was a picture birthday card of a little red headed boy with several pictures on the card. Pictures as a baby in a hospital, looking very sick, hooked up to many tubes and wires, and others as he’s aged, happy, playful, and full of life. The other was a little girl with the chubbiest little cheeks I had ever seen wearing a smile that would light up a room. Tears of joy streamed down my face. For the first time I felt HOPE. I had never imagined my son as a toddler or little boy, and now my imagination runs wild!

I’m sorry this is so long, but I want parents with difficult pregnancies or children with birth defects to know how much this has changed our outlook. We are so blessed to have enjoyed this experience and met such wonderful people at this center. Thank you for your patience, compassion, kindness and insight. Regardless of what our future holds, we will cherish the memories we have made with you!
Dawn C.

Not sure if you guys remember us but my name is Tracy N***** and I came to see you guys twice, once at 21 weeks and again at 32 weeks. I wanted to send you some pics so that you can see how much my little Gracie looks like her ultrasound. Feel free to use these as a testimony. I was amazed when she was born to see how much she really did look like her ultrasound. I have been telling everyone to go see you guys, my experience was awesome. I will definitely be using you guys again when we have our next baby. Thanks so much for everything!!
Tracy N. – Sanford, NC

Thank you for a wonderful experience Tuesday. We loved our shots of "Brayden". I have been showing them to everyone and letting them know who did our scan. You were great! Keep up the good work.

Katina & Mike D. – Goldsboro, NC

We drove all the way from Fayetteville to Cary for our 3D / 4D ultrasound and it was worth it! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the spitting image of my husband sitting on that screen smiling at me! His smile, his pout, as Kim put it, he is my husband’s “Mini-Me”.  The experience was beyond incredible and we were thrilled to know that our families could be right there with us on the Sonostream. Thank you so much for making this possible for our family, you really did “bring our family together for the FIRST time!
Bobby and Gail C. – Fayetteville NC

We heard about Triangle Imaging from a midwife at our clinic, she had visited herself. As soon as we got home, we called the number on the pamphlet she gave us. We were so excited to see our baby in a 4D ultrasound, but the most important thing was that we needed to know if we were having a boy or a girl.

Our visit exceeded our expectations. From the moment we arrived, we were made to feel welcomed.  The office is absolutely beautiful, but warm and cozy. The staff shared our excitement and enthusiasm and made us feel so special. The scan room is so comfortable.  I could have laid on that bed for hours watching my baby. My husband was a big fan of the plasma TV before our visit, just imagine watching his little girl on that screen! The special allowed us to come at 20 weeks to find out that we were having a little girl, but we couldn’t wait to see her again, so we returned for a Gold package when she was 31 weeks. The change was unbelievable!

I’m so glad we have both sets of pictures and I can’t wait to see how much she’s grown since that visit.  We are so grateful for such an amazing experience, the pictures, DVDs and the extra CDs they took the time to burn for us. This is an experience every mommy and daddy should enjoy!
The Nealy family – Cary NC

I received a gift card for my 4D ultrasound as a shower gift. This is the one shower gift that I will be enjoying long after my little girl becomes a big girl! We can’t stop going back and looking at her pictures and watching her on the DVD. To know that all of this is going on inside of me, when most of the time I only feel a kick here and there was mind blowing. What a great gift and a great place to enjoy it! Thanks!
A. Johnson

We are very grateful to the staff for the wonderful experience we spent with our baby. It was fascinating to see all of the things she was doing, such as stretching, yawning, holding her feet, and I didn’t even know she was moving at the time till I saw all of this! The best thing that came from this visit was that at 34 weeks, my doctor and I felt the baby was head down, but this visit revealed a surprise. We found my baby to be breech! My doctor confirmed that information, gave me some simple exercises (that Kim had already suggested) to encourage my baby to turn, and thankfully, she did. This visit will be a special memory that we will cherish for years to come!
The Patel Family

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL experience this weekend! I was so excited to get to see my Little Man up on that big screen. My family and I had such a blast getting to see him smile and move around. Thank you so much, Kim! You made it all the more enjoyable! Our family members that couldn’t be there were so thrilled to get to watch the ultrasound through Sonostream! It made them feel like they were there! I will definitely tell everyone I know that they need to do this! It’s definitely something I will never forget! I can’t wait until Little Charlie is old enough, and I can show him those pictures! Thanks again!
K. Walrod

I was very happy with my visit and to find out that I am having a baby boy. My husband is proud and shows everyone the pictures of his son. It was special to have our family and other children with us and to have a video that we could send back to Mexico for the rest of our family. Gracias!
Lucia & Jorge T.

The clinic at Wake Health Services told me that I could come here to help find out if my baby was a boy or girl. Not only did I get to find out that I was having a little boy, but I got to watch him moving and sucking on his toes! I was told I would receive 6-8 pictures, but I left with many more pictures, enough for me and my family. We took the DVD straight to great grandpa’s house and he cried when he saw his first great grandson, his namesake, smile! Thank you for your patience and kindness, I will never forget this day!
LaTonya S.

It’s really difficult to describe all of the emotions from seeing your unborn child’s face for the first time. We were in awe as we watched him interact as my husband talked to my tummy. He already knows us! Thanks to Kim and Triangle Imaging Center, now we know him too!
Amber H.

This is an experience of a lifetime that every mother should enjoy. I could not believe how expressive my baby’s face was and my husband was totally into watching him on the big plasma screen TV! From his nose to his little lips, we could already see how much he looked like us. We thoroughly enjoyed spending this time with him in such a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
Shannon M.

This has by far been the most amazing experience that I was able to share with my whole family! Our whole family was cheering every time she moved! Her grandparents just fell in love with being able to see her and none of us wanted to leave! Seeing my baby on the three monitors and watching her move inside of me just bonded us that much more to her. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience in making this experience possible for us.
Christy S.

I never imagined the feelings I would have as I watched my baby move inside of me. To see him move as I felt him move was so neat! Now my husband can appreciate when I jump with the big kicks because he could see it live. Just when I thought my heart was as full of love as it could be for him, now that I’ve seen him, I could just burst with excitement and anticipation waiting for him to arrive!
Allison R.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such wonderful experiences during our ultrasounds. The pictures and DVD’s are absolutely amazing on their own, but the experience as a whole was truly memorable. Your attention to detail, compassion and concern were obvious to us. We’re so glad that we found you! The most memorable part for me was watching Matt’s reactions to the images. It is one thing to have a baby growing and kicking inside of YOUR body- but this was a very unique bonding experience for him, and I will forever be grateful. I wish you ALL the best personally and professionally, and we’ll send you “outside” pics of Lauren ASAP!
Carrie, Matt & Lauren

This was the best experience, I loved it! The atmosphere is wonderful.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it a 10. I’ve seen my baby girl and she’s just beautiful! 
Chasity B.

The scan room was comfortable. I loved the comfy pillows and the three viewing screens. I really enjoyed the personal touches of our experience. We felt like it was all about our little one and Kim was so patient with our baby.        
Allison & Nicholas R.

The waiting area is very plush and it felt like home. The scan room was comfortable with adequate viewing. You could bring the whole family at once and everyone can see. I really enjoyed the experience.  Triangle Imaging Center is unlike any facility I’ve ever been to for an ultrasound!        
Brittany P.

I felt very welcomed here and the facility looks great. The scan room was relaxing, comfy, beautiful, spacious and clean. Kim is extremely sweet. She helped position me so I could see my baby’s body parts and explained things to me as we scanned. I would recommend this to every soon to be mother because it’s an unbelievable experience. Kim was just amazing and so helpful.           
Yukiko L.

Triangle Imaging Center is awesome, I just love this place! I saw my baby’s face and watched her up close. It was just an amazing experience!     
Amber H.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate Triangle Imaging Center a 12! This was a great experience and a wonderful atmosphere. I would recommend this experience to any expectant mother!  
Jessica T.

The office at Triangle Imaging Center was very relaxing. Having screens from every angle was the best. It was a very special moment for us all in that our family was allowed to join in. Kim has excellent customer service skills and she knows how to perform her job very well!  
Karen C. & Family

The office was very comfortable, clean and the viewing room was great! The staff is wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend this experience for other mothers!  
Robin M.

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Please note that our 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds can only be performed on pregnant women who are under the care of a physician and have already had a diagnostic ultrasound. Please call our 3D / 4D facility in Cary, NC if you are interested in a 3D or 4D ultrasound.

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